5 sexual fantasies that your boy does not dare to confess to you

5 sexual fantasies that your boy does not dare to confess to you

Would you like to discover which are those sexual fantasies that your boy is dying to make come true with you, but he does not dare to admit?

Whether out of modesty or lack of confidence in themselves or in their partner, men are often more reluctant than women to reveal their true erotic fantasies.

If you have been wanting to try something different in your privacy for a long time, keep reading, because if he does not tell you, we will tell you with hair and signs so that you can encourage him to capture his most secret fantasies.

5 sexual fantasies your guy will never confess to you

Although there are some more daring than others, the truth is that men are very reluctant to tell their fantasies and not only to their partner, but also to their most intimate friends.

And it is that sexual fantasies are not something that is revealed among them, except on very rare occasions and with a lot of alcohol in between, everything has to be said.

Although there are many kinds of shameful fantasies, the following five are the most common among boys.

1. That you masturbate while he watches you

Most men are crazy about watching their partner masturbate. Many will touch each other accompanying your pleasure, but if what you want is to drive him really crazy, prevent him from touching you and touching himself while he looks at you.

You will see that he will lack time and will have plenty of excitement to jump on you as soon as you allow him to do so.

2. Control and dominate you

The fantasy of owning a sex slave who is capable of satisfying even his deepest and darkest desires is one of the most precious among the male sex.

Putting yourself in the doggy position on the bed with your hands tied, being able to pat your buttocks and force you to lick his penis while “you obey your master”, for example, is something that can drive him crazy.

This practice, which could include erotic toys, ropes and role-playing games, becomes as fun as it is exciting.

We assure you that that feeling that mixes control, dominance and submission is one of the most unforgettable fantasies that you can share as a couple.

Of course, it is a practice that easily goes on to more, so to carry it out it is important that you have blind confidence in him, in addition to agreeing on the limits in advance and choosing at least one keyword to stop the game when you want to say enough.

3. Feeling dominated

As a counterpart to the previous fantasy, feeling that you dominate him can lead him to paradise itself. Choose the day and take the reins! Dress sensually for the occasion and go dominatrix style.

Smear yourself with special oil for erotic massages, get on it, massage his body with yours and give him pleasure doing whatever you want at all times.

Doesn’t that sound tremendously exciting? Tonight, be the one to take the initiative and you will be surprised!

4. That you say risqué words

It is very possible that he has never asked you, but if there is something that especially turns men on, it is that his partner uses obscene language in bed. And the more risque the better.

In both whispering and loud voices, words with high erotic content tend to cause true wonders and explosions of sensuality in an intimate relationship.

Try fantasizing in his ear with exciting words or sending him messages with provocative content and you will make him not stop thinking about you for a single second until finally it is time to hold you in his arms.

5. Receive or provide you with an anilingus

Did you know that anilingus or black kiss is one of the most desired and least requested erotic pleasures by men?

The fact that for our society it is still a taboo practice makes both asking for it and offering it cause a feeling of shame or of doing something improper.

And nothing is further from it! Anilingus is a completely natural practice, you simply have to take the appropriate hygiene precautions and embark on the adventure of this experience that, due to the intimacy it requires, unites the couple far beyond what was imagined.

In any case, in any of these five sexual fantasies, the indispensable condiment is communication, trust and knowing how to choose the best moment to carry them out. That best moment depends on the excitement being at its peak, in this way it will be much easier for you to talk about it and launch yourself into the adventure that involves living a special and different sex.

And what do you think if you try any of these sexual fantasies with your boy and come back to tell us what the effect has been?

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