4 erotic games to revive the passion in the couple

4 erotic games to revive the passion in the couple

Sex is one of the most pleasant activities that we can enjoy as a couple, isn’t it? However, as the years go by, routine can become our worst enemy and extinguish the initial passion.

That is why today we have thought that you would like to know some ideas based on the direct experience of our and our professional tantric masseurs related to erotic games.

Who better than sex experts to teach us how to put wings to our fantasy and make passion with our partner stay alive forever and ever?

4 erotic games to enjoy as a couple

We are aware that we live in a society where we want everything immediately. What we get we enjoy for a short time and we immediately go on to want something newer, more exciting.

And in this voracity of news, couples are no exception to the rule. It happens that, as time passes, the initial emotions and butterflies in the stomach disappear. And if a healthy and stable relationship is not achieved in that period, all you want to do is look outside for new emotions.

The million dollar question is: what to do to find those new emotions within and not outside of our partner? The answer is not complex: we can maintain passion by resorting to erotic games as a couple.

1. Who dominates whom?

This is one of the most exciting games and one that allows a greater fantasy and variety. In addition, you can rotate in turns who of the two is in command.

How would you like to embody an expert dominatrix to whom your boy has to obey yes or yes in all his wishes? Or maybe an attractive and powerful God who has to take control of everything that happens in bed? And of course, you can not miss costumes or erotic toys.

Who is in charge today? Tell us at the end of the article!

2. Do I know you from something?

Would you like to start from scratch with your partner? That is, to pretend you don’t know each other at all. Of course, in real life it is impossible, but in fantasies everything is possible!

This game consists of agreeing to somewhere outside the home to meet and pretend that you don’t know each other at all. Starting to seduce each other, going to a cafe or restaurant and ending the perfect date in a hotel, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

During sex we advise you to change the roles that you maintain on a regular basis. For example, you can use the previous game to make the situation as realistic as possible.

Of course, it is not worth cheating! Starting over is pretending until the end. 

3. Stepping on the brakes: orgasm forbidden!

Known as slow sex, this game is very effective in changing the way we maintain the classic sexual relationships in which the only objective is to reach orgasm.

This game leads us directly to tantric sex, in which reaching orgasm or ejaculation is not the end goal. By freeing ourselves from the obligation to climax yes or yes, we will be able to know a world of unequaled erotic sensations.

There is nothing like having a slow sex, being aware of each part of our partner’s body and of our own, living the moment with the five senses placed on their emotions. Enjoy every touch, explore … and forbid orgasm to keep the excitement as much as possible! If this ban could last two, three or more days, so much the better.

I said: to lengthen the preliminaries and orgasm forbidden! And whoever loses can be given an erotic punishment by the winner. The only limit is in your imagination.

4. What does destiny have in store for us?

Anyone has a deck of Spanish cards at home, right? So you don’t even need to buy one specifically designed for erotic games.

It is as simple and fun as choosing the cards you are going to play with, making up the rules and shuffling!

In case you are lacking in imagination today, we are going to give you an example:

One shuffles the cards and offers them to the other who, with his eyes closed, chooses one at random. If the number is even, it will have to be the one that provides active sex, if it is odd, it will play the role of receiving and enjoying.

The suit of the deck will be the indicator of the activity to be carried out:

Wands: sex must have the penis or vagina as the protagonist (as the case may be).
Cups: whoever takes the active role will have to do something completely new erotic to the other.
Sword: touch anal penetration! Either with the fingers or with the penis.
Golds: it is the turn to give oral sex. The receiver will have to choose where he prefers to receive it.

Which of the four erotic games do you most want to enjoy today? Do you know any other? Share it with us in the comments!

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