Tantric massage with feathers: eroticism without limits

Tantric massage with feathers: eroticism without limits

Feathers have existed on planet Earth since the first dinosaurs evolved as birds.

No one doubts that they are soft, showy and are usually related to feminine characteristics, hence the popular phrase: “have a pen.” They protect birds from the cold, allow them to fly and, as if that weren’t enough, they play an important role in courtship and reproduction.

So far so good, but what do feathers have to do with tantric massages, you may be wondering. Well, today we invite you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of feathers, sexual pleasure and erotic massages, will you join us?

The role of feathers in sacred rituals

Feathers are not only important for birds but they also come to play a fundamental role when it comes to communicating spiritually with people around us and even awakening an unexpected sexual attraction in them.

And it is that these curious horny formations have been highly coveted objects through the centuries. They have been part of both religious rites and shamanic rituals. They were and still are sacred objects with meanings such as protection, strength, health or mental, physical, sexual and spiritual energy.

Some specific types of feathers have been and are used as amulets and talismans, both by Native Americans and by Egyptians or Tibetan monks.

It is this close relationship between feathers, mystery and eroticism that has surely inspired the rites of sacred sex in shamans who, by activating the energy they contain, awaken their power by caressing and blowing them.

Feathers, tantric massages and sexuality 

But what is the relationship between feathers, Tantra and erotic massages?

The answer is simple: although the feathers themselves have nothing to do with sexuality, if we look at them from the point of view of Tantra we will find that there is much more to analyze in them.

And in this sense, feathers are an ideal complement to perform an erotic tantric massage on people of any sex and sexual identity.

How to give a tantric feather massage?

As you can imagine, a tantric massage can be given by anyone without having studied or being an expert in these arts. Divine energy does not have sex, so it does not matter who gives you the massage, the most important thing is that whoever uses the feathers knows how to use them to transmit the spirituality they contain.

The first step to getting a tantric feather massage is choosing a quiet place where you know no one is going to interrupt you. The massage must be given in an environment specially arranged to enjoy it to the fullest. Sensual music, soft light, scented candles… Everything that contributes to creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony will help you get the most out of the session.

Now it’s time to completely undress and lie face down on a bed or tatami. Next, you have to start the relaxation by means of a deep breath and surrender completely to the hands of your masseuse who will begin to slide the feathers through your body.

From the neck it will pass to the back, following the thighs until it slowly reaches the feet. It is advisable not to slide the feathers in those places where it is suspected that they may awaken tickles so as not to break the magic of the environment.

The feathers will serve as a link to connect with your inner self, so the fundamental thing is that with each touch you can find your Divine essence through the awakening of your erogenous zones.

Now is the time to turn around and lie on your back. As you feel the softness of the feathers sliding down your body, it is important that you become aware of each of your sensations. Open your mind to the new and feel the pleasure of exploring your true sexuality.

Take advantage of the feel of the feathers to connect with your most sensitive areas. Fearlessly unleash your vulnerability because you are in a place where you have nothing to fear. As the feathers caress your private parts, free yourself from your thoughts and let them flow freely.

Once your masseuse has slipped the feathers over your erogenous zones: nipples and vulva in the case of women or penis and testicles in the case of men, it is time to smear your body with specific massage oil and immerse yourself in the arts of tantric erotic massage itself.

What did you think of this new way of connecting with your inner being through feathers? How about you put it into practice and come back to tell us what new sensations it has given you?

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