Edging, la técnica del orgasmo masculino insuperable

Edging, the unsurpassed male orgasm technique

What would you think if we said that we have found the master key for you to achieve the most spectacular orgasm you have ever had in your life? This technique is called edging and it is designed so that you can achieve the ultimate male orgasm.

What is edging?

Let’s agree that having an orgasm is wonderful, but… what if we tell you that you can transform that orgasm into a tremendous one? What can’t you refuse? We know that it is difficult to refuse such an offer.

Edging is not really new. It is a studied technique by which you can stop in the moment before the climax, in such a way that you will reach the end of it in a glorious way. And although the quality of your sexual life is good, it can always be improved and with this simple technique you can achieve it.

In Spanish, edging is translated as border. A border is, in some of the meanings that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy gives us, a list superimposed or woven on the edges of curtains, canopies, handkerchiefs. That is why we could define edging as “limit” or “edge” because it is precisely that: the technique that helps you achieve the edge of the cliff of orgasm and prompts you to turn around so as not to fall into it and increase its intensity.

Still confusing? Don’t worry, now we will explain it to you better!

The edging or how to stay on the verge of orgasm

It is very likely that at some time, during sex with your partner, you have tried to delay your climax for a few seconds. A very simple way is to think of something that has little to do with eroticism.

No matter what method you use, the most important thing is that at that moment when you feel that your orgasm is about to explode, you can delay it and take a small step back. This simple maneuver increases the amount of semen and the contractions that occur with the release of tension. Edging is precisely this: going back when you are about to reach orgasm and then approaching it again.

Edging will help you maintain a very high level of arousal throughout the sexual act and when you reach orgasm, it will be something incredible.

The feeling that we invite you to experience can be described as being on a roller coaster. The climax is the end of the fun. Of course, to be able to control that precise moment in which you are about to reach the climax you have to learn to identify it very well. A good idea is to practice it alone. The more you practice it and learn to focus on all the sensations that your body gives you, the better you will identify that precise moment and in the end you will end up becoming an expert in edging.

By the way! do not worry if your erection decreases completely, because another erection will come that will be even, much more powerful than the previous one. And as an additional gift the amount of semen will increase.

Why is edging so pleasant?

Edgin is extremely enjoyable because it provides not only physical pleasure but also psychological pleasure.

● Psychological pleasure

Imagine with us … It’s like having a delicious ice cream in front of you and denying yourself the pleasure of eating it for a long time. When you finally feel it in your mouth, the pleasure will be much greater than that produced if you had eaten it as soon as you wanted it. This is the psychological root of this technique.

● Physical pleasure

The physical part is present when the blood flow in the pelvis increases as the orgasm stops and the stimulation continues.

Is edging only for men?

Of course not! Women can enjoy this technique because the clitoris also has erections.

If caresses of different intensities are combined (such as those done in tantric massages or the stimuli obtained from sex toys), with slow and fast, circular and horizontal movements, it can also be possible to delay the female orgasm. Although it is certainly a somewhat more complicated process to carry out than in men.

In short, the technique exists but you must put it into practice freely according to how you feel that day. The worst thing for arousal is having a preconceived idea of ​​what a sexual relationship should be like.

Don’t miss out on the pleasure of practicing edging and come back to tell us what your results were!

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