Vibrating rings: what are they and how are they used?

Vibrating rings: what are they and how are they used?

Vibrating rings are one of the most popular erotic toys and at the same time most unknown to most people.

Today we have decided to reveal all its secrets to you so that you can decide whether to start using them and find that incredible pleasure that these small erotic objects are capable of providing.

Are you accompanying us on this journey into the exciting world of this sex toy? 

What is a vibrating ring?

It is an erotic toy that is placed at the base of the penis and is capable of providing great pleasure to both men and women. You can find them in different sizes, colors, frequencies of vibrations and shapes.

They usually incorporate a vibrating bullet whose waves provide highly exciting sensations and allow to give life to a different game in the sexuality of the couple. The waves that this type of ring emanates have different intensities.

The vibrating bullet allows to obtain, on the one hand, an incredible stimulation for her in the clitoris and, on the other, if we turn the ring, he will be the one who can enjoy the vibrations in his testicles.

Likewise, it is possible to carry out penetration with the ring on, so the effect of vibrations is wonderful for both hetero and homosexual couples since they can be felt both in the vagina and in the anus.

There are disposable vibrating rings (although they are sold less and less), battery operated (which are cheaper) and rechargeable with batteries that support various uses. If you want to extend their useful life, you have to provide them with adequate maintenance. As in all things, this toy will last longer depending on its material, brand or price. Before buying, read the product specifications carefully.

How do you put on a vibrating ring?

It’s easy to use. It is an elastic ring that is put on from the tip of the penis and slides towards its base. You will realize that it cannot go lower because it will collide with the testicles. The easiest thing is to place it with the penis erect.

You can also experiment by placing it at various heights. Do not be afraid to play with it and try different forms and intensities until you find the one that causes the greatest pleasure for you and your partner. Of course, it is not advisable to use it for more than 25 continuous minutes as they could damage the penis.

Vibrating ring in the shape of a bunny, a tongue or a butterfly?

There are different formats of vibrating rings. Some are shaped like a bunny, others like a butterfly, some are shaped like a tongue, round, etc.

The ones in the bunny shape are designed specifically for heterosexual couples. In the upper part of the ring, the vibrating bullet is shaped like a bunny so that, as soon as the vibration is activated, added to the back and forth movement of the penetration, the part that protrudes produces an intense pleasure in the clitoris. We must not forget that the clitoris has more than eight thousand nerve endings.

In any case, the difference between a vibrating ring in the shape of a bunny, a tongue or a butterfly lies in the sensations that its stimulation causes on the clitoris.

Try which one you like the most and come back to tell us!

And do not forget that always, but always, you have to take into account individual preferences. And of these there are as many as there are people on Earth. In case that the vibration is not pleasant for you, you can always deactivate it and try rubbing the ring without further accessories.

Different uses of the vibrating ring

With a condom:

it is perfectly possible to use it at the same time as with a condom. We suggest you put the condom first and then the ring. 

With lubricant:

if the ring is made of silicone, we recommend a water-based lubricant.

Anal sex:

you have to place it with the ring down so that the vibration is perceived in the perineum. The most suitable rings to be used during anal sex are those that do not have a bunny shape on the vibrating bullet, it is preferable that it be smooth.

Double penetration:

there are toys for double penetration that include a vibrating ring.

Do they adapt to any thickness and size of penis?

Vibrating rings are generally made of silicone, their flexibility makes them adaptable to all sizes and thicknesses of penis.

Although it is always necessary to read the specifications of the toy to check if it is designed for a particular size. If the ring is metal or leather, then you should choose it according to the thickness of your penis.

Benefits of vibrating rings

The vibrating rings are an ideal complement to start in the art of erotic play and also very appetizing to enjoy a different tantric sex. Among its most notable benefits we can mention the following:

● They make our sexual relationships more fun and sensual. 

● They help to experience new sensations and intensify known sensations.

● They facilitate reaching orgasm.

● They stimulate the clitoris in a way that does not usually occur during intercourse.

● They help to keep the erection firmer.

● They improve intimacy with your partner, communication and renew the illusion. 

Precautions to consider:

If you have clotting problems or diabetes, as well as if you suffer from premature ejaculation, consult your doctor before using a vibrating ring.

And what do you think about vibrating rings? Have you ever used them? What was your experience like? Leave us your comments!

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