8 weird sexual practices you have to try

8 weird sexual practices you have to try

The universe of sensations is so, but so wide, that it opens the doors to infinite possibilities of enjoying sex.

If you spice up this world with imagination, desire and add some unusual sexual practices from time to time, you can discover new and unexpected ways to feel pleasure.

Today we will tell you some original sexual practices with which you can achieve intense and incredible orgasms, will you join us?

Weird sexual practices: find the orgasm of your life

You may already know several of the following sexual practices and you may also have experienced some of them. But the most certain thing is that you will discover many that you had not even imagined existed.

Be that as it may, we invite you to read carefully. If you open your mind, you will find in some of these techniques a great way to give new colors to your sexual life.

Let’s start! Do you dare?

1- Humming or oral buzzing

This practice consists of vibrating the mouth on the genitals of our partner. In these vibrations we will emit brief buzzes that will cause an additional excitement to the pleasure of oral sex. It is very possible that Humming is the predecessor of vibrating erotic toys.

2 – Squirt or Squirting

It consists of the expulsion of large amounts of ejaculatory fluid in women. Achieving this technique is not an easy task, but with a little patience, intense clitoral stimulation and a large dose of eroticism, any woman can achieve it.

3 – Tickling or erotic tickling

Can you imagine having an explosive orgasm full of laughter? This is part of what the Tickling proposes.

To some it may seem like a real torture, but there are those who get very excited with this strange sexual practice that consists of tickling the other until they have an orgasm while laughing. Yes, it is true that it can sound as fun as it is exhausting. But why not give it a try?

4 – Filipino reel

It is a sexual technique in which a thin string or thread is tied at the base of the penis to add more intensity to the orgasm and delay ejaculation. It is important to be very careful and know that you have to release the string at the right time.

Find out well before making the Philippine Reel, since doing it incorrectly can cause injuries.

5 – Carezza or Caress

This technique has a lot of similarity to tantric sex. It is based on mutual stimulation and aims to lengthen the climax without expressly seeking orgasm.

It consists of making an intense penetration in a moment of medium excitement and then stopping inside the vagina dedicating itself to feeling it for a few seconds before ejaculating. It is ideal to lengthen the sexual act a little more.

6 – Matutolagnia

It is the pleasure of having sex when you wake up in the morning. This sexual practice, which is possibly the least rare of all, except for its name, we are sure it will become one of your favorites.

The most important thing is to have someone to share it with. You can wake up your partner with kisses and caresses on the back and on the genitals. He will love it!

Matutolagnia also has great benefits for the body, since it helps to generate antibodies necessary for its immune protection.

7 – Sexting

Very popular today, especially due to the times of confinement that we suffer due to the pandemic, sexting consists of exchanging risque messages with your partner through WhatsApp or any social network.

Anticipate the next meeting, send you erotic photos and exchange all kinds of fantasies. It will help you warm up the atmosphere and increase the desire between the two of you.

8 – Florentine

This technique will be very useful to excite your man through his penis. During penetration, push the foreskin down with your fingers. In this way, each time he penetrates you, the glans will be more exposed and will give him greater pleasure.

The Florentino accelerates ejaculation, so it is ideal when you want your boy to reach orgasm.

Requirements to enjoy rare sexual practices

In an ideal world, the two lovers should have an open and honest conversation where they decide and say “yes” or “no” to a series of strange sexual activities. As in any other practice carried out as a couple, it is important that both of you agree at all times.

● Be adequately informed about each of the techniques before putting them into practice.

● Be convinced that you want to try a different sex.

● Do it with a trusted partner.

● Be open to new experiences.

● Be immune to embarrassment.

● Know that if it is not done with love, there is nothing wrong with it.

● Be receptive to experimentation.

● Choose unusual practices that suit both sexual tastes.

And you, have you tried any of these strange sexual practices? Share your feelings with us!

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