The importance of preliminaries and sensuality for a pleasant sex

The importance of preliminaries and sensuality for a pleasant sex

What are preliminaries and why are they so vital to good sex

Preliminaries, also called foreplay or sexual foreplay, are the moments leading up to sexual intercourse.

Despite the fact that sex is traditionally associated first with the coital moment, it is important to discover the benefits of the preliminaries for a fully satisfactory sexual encounter.

Generally, sex based solely on intercourse becomes repetitive and monotonous: the sensations become too well known and the only novelty is to change the body in order to experience something new and exciting. However, thanks to some adequate preliminaries that will help you connect with your partner, sex will become an always new and always satisfying experience.

Thanks to the appropriate preliminaries, whether they be kisses, licks, friction, caresses, even whispers, the body prepares itself physiologically for intercourse, desire increases slowly, excitement vibrates the bodies and an intense connection is created between the members, so the sexual experience rises up.

Although the preliminaries have been considered as intended solely for female pleasure, the truth is that they are essential in sex for both men and women.

The importance of sensuality and eroticism

Sensuality, as its name indicates, refers to the sensitive, to the senses, to the corporal and tactile. In turn, sensuality indicates the sexual energy that a person possesses internally and that often does not release. So letting sensuality flow freely is one of the first steps in creating the first preliminaries.

On the other hand, eroticism comes from the term Eros, which indicates sexual desire, so that it goes hand in hand with sensuality, in a single common purpose, which is to give way to full, orgiastic and memorable sex.

The pre-sex game has to be full of sensuality and eroticism. A caress in the right area, a kiss in an erogenous point, complicit glances, lit by desire, or licks, as well as oral sex, are preliminaries charged with sensuality and eroticism that will turn intercourse into a unique moment, thanks to all the load of previous accumulated desire and to the sexual connection that will melt the members into one.

Why is a tantra and erotic massage a preliminary form?

An erotic massage or a tantric massage is a firstly sensitive and sensual experience, where both the massager and the recipient are charged with excitement and desire.

In addition, who receives it relaxes and is more receptive to sexual energy, both their own and that of their partner. Keep in mind that relaxation and disconnection are important points for good sex.

The tantra and erotic massage is an experience that mixes sensuality and eroticism, since both members are naked at the moment and provide each other with caresses and relaxation, thanks to the fact that the massage relax the muscles and is an ideal mean to release stress.

It is a highly recommended preliminary for sexual energies to begin to flow freely and create a pleasurable sexual encounter and intense orgasm.

It is also important to spend at least half an hour on the massage, so that the members begin to feel immersed in the sexual energy of the environment, feel the touches of their partner and focus more on them than on reaching intercourse. Above all, forget the objective of the prelude and do not rush, so that when it arrives it is more intense.

Despite the fact that it is difficult in the face of growing sexual desire and you are wishing to reach the penetration, it is advisable to focus on your own breath and that of your partner in order to stay calm, so that you can create divine or spiritual union which is the ultimate goal of Tantra teachings. 

It is important not only to play with sensuality and eroticism, but also to allow yourself to remove the masks and give way to the real vulnerability of each one, so that the connection is more intense.

To summarize, the ideal components of a tantra or erotic massage are: sensuality, eroticism, connection and vulnerability, a cocktail that will ensure a sexual moment and a satisfying orgasm both physically and carnally, as well as psycho-emotionally as well as spiritually.

Types of tantra and erotic massage that you can do to your partner

The tantra and erotic massages that you can do to your partner vary, according to the desires of each one. The most common erotic massage is one in which the massager places himself/herself on top of his partner, without resting all his weight on him/her, the latter being face down, in a relaxed state.

The massage can start from the shoulders to the feet, or vice versa, depending on the techniques you use. However, the essential point is the nudity of the participants and the space, which must have dim light, relaxing or sensual music in the background, to create a comforting and familiar atmosphere that invites sensuality and eroticism.

The main differences between one massage and another may be the level of interaction you decide to implement. He who receives the massage may be forbidden to touch the partner during the massage, or to touch him/her on the whole body except in the intimate area, as well as whoever gives the massage may not touch the genital area of the partner: these small initial deprivations during the prelude are essential for the desire and arousal to increase, which will guarantee a more intense orgasm.

In addition, the use of oil is recommended to make the massage totally pleasant, or otherwise the friction without cream, oil or another sliding substance on the skin can be somewhat uncomfortable.

For more ideas of types of tantra massage that you can make each other, we recommend you to take a look at the list of tantra massages offered by the Tantra Massage Barcelona center to inspire you.

Live an unimaginable experience with the best preludes and allow yourself to experience unrepeatable sex thanks to all these tricks!

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