The karezza method: seek pleasure and not orgasm

The karezza method: seek pleasure and not orgasm

The Karezza method is a technique very similar to that used in tantric sex, since its main objective is the search for pleasure in itself without the need to reach orgasm.

If you are one of our regular visitors, you will have heard us speak many times about the enormous benefits that tantric massage offers, right? Well, Karezza follows the same line: focus on the here and now to prioritize sensory stimulation.

Today we will tell you what the Karezza method is about, how to put it into practice with your partner and what are its main benefits.

Karezza: the pursuit of pleasure

It is very common for the anxiety generated by reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse to prevent you from enjoying sex to its full extent.

The Karezza method, except for the name that comes from Italian and which means “caress”, is not new in itself. It is a technique that sexologists have always recommended: enjoy sex without rushing trying to prolong the pleasure as long as possible without having the pressure on your back to reach orgasm.

And it is that the word caress speaks to us clearly of what we are looking for: exchanging sensations and emotions through touch, feeling the skin of the other in all its extension, looking for hugs and kisses. In short, enjoying the other’s body and one’s own in order to increase the complicity and affective bond between the couple.

The Karezza method: how to practice it?

First of all, we would like to remind you that regardless of the sexual practice you choose, the most important thing is that it is consensual with your partner. It has to become an intimate moment, filled with respect and understanding. A space in which both can fully enjoy their bodies. The fundamental objective is to enhance the relationship and find one’s own essence in sexual pleasure.

Without further delay, let’s get down to business!

What do you need to practice the method of stroking?

We are going to give you some tips that will be useful to you so that the caressing technique, also known as the Karezza Method, becomes a resounding success that allows you to fully enjoy sex.

● Physical contact

Physical contact is the main and essential condiment in any sexual relationship. Stop in an embrace, listen to the breathing of the other, listen to how your hearts beat. Stay like this until you feel that harmony vibrates between the two of you.

● Fantasy and creativity

Putting your imagination in motion is what will lead you to reach an ideal level of mutual understanding to encourage you to try new activities. While the shared fantasy begins, caress your intimate areas looking for sighs, glances and gestures of complicity.

● Calm and harmony

Every movement you make on your partner’s body must be slow and harmonious. Both kisses and caresses have to be provided with sweetness until the level of excitement grows to the point that it asks for more and more intensity.

● Without words

There are times when words are too much and dull the sensations and feelings. And this is one of them. Soft music framing looks, gestures, sighs and the movement of the mouth should be more than enough to show each other what you are feeling. Establish a non-verbal communication that allows you to enter one into the other as smoothly as possible.

● No rush

“Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry.” This saying means that rushing is a bad counselor. Well, in the Karezza method, having time to dedicate to your partner is very important. Find a day and a place where no one bothers you. It is a technique that requires total relaxation so that mutual dedication is complete.

Benefits of the Karezza method

This method brings great benefits to the couple because it allows mutual knowledge through the control of arousal and the containment of orgasm.

Here is a list of the main benefits of this sensitive method of stroking.

● Takes the routine out of your sex life.

● Contributes to mutual understanding.

● Keep unrealistic expectations from ruining your intimate relationship. 

● Reduces erection problems derived from emotional obstacles. 

● Increases arousal to unimaginable limits.

● Helps release tension and promotes relaxation.

● Women with vaginal discomfort from lack of arousal find that the Karezza method helps them relax and enjoy penetration more intensely.

The truth is that this method of caresses is the one that we should all take into account when enjoying good sex with our partner. And if we accompany it with a tantric massage, the enjoyment will transcend the simple physical exchange to become a true mystical shared experience.

And you, have you already tried the delights of the Karezza method? Tell us about your experience!

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