Female masturbation: the secrets that nobody tells

Female masturbation: the secrets that nobody tells

It is very common to give female masturbation a secondary role, as if it were a practice that only those who do not have a partner or those who are alone in their privacy carry out. And nothing is further from it.

Female masturbation is an art that we should all delve into in order to get the most out of it.

Today we will tell you some secrets about female masturbation that few people reveal and that no one should be unaware of. Can you come with us?

The art of female masturbation

Female masturbation is the act of stimulating your genitals with your hands, with erotic toys, or with any other object that provides sexual pleasure.

It is another way of understanding sex that can be carried out alone or included in the sexual act with our partner. It can also be transformed into a wonderful foreplay or performed in conjunction with other erotic practices.

Importantly, masturbation should not only focus on the genitals. The body is full of erogenous zones waiting to be discovered. One of the best ways to discover these pleasure zones is erotic massage.

The truth is that the female body, although it is full of erogenous zones like the male one, is not as intuitive or as easy to eroticize. And the reason is that the true female sexual organ is in the brain.

That is why at the beginning of this article we told you that female masturbation, although it can be practiced without any prior study, is an art in which both men and women should take the time to learn. Since together with penetration, a good erotic massage and any sex toy can become a source of inexhaustible pleasure.

Areas involved in female masturbation

Before talking about the secrets of female masturbation, you must know, at least briefly, its anatomy. That is why we are going to give you a brief description of each area so that you can better understand the explanations that we will give at the end of the article.

Vagina: It is a highly elastic tube that connects the vulva with the uterus and the cervix. In addition to being the channel through which you menstruate and give birth, it is the place through which the penis, erotic toys, tampons and menstrual cups are penetrated. The vagina widens with sexual arousal.

Vulva: These are the parts that surround the outer opening of the vagina.

Clitoris: It is a small and fleshy organ, full of nerve endings and capable of erection. It is located at the top of the vulva.

Mount of Venus: It is located on top of the clitoris and is covered with pubic hair.

Vaginal lips: they are divided into two: labia majora and labia minora. The labia majora or outer lips are generally fleshy and covered with pubic hair. The labia minora or inner ones are located inside the outer ones. The labia begins at the clitoris and ends below the opening of the vagina.

The most exciting movements of female masturbation

Both the movements and the pressure and their intensity play a fundamental role in female masturbation.

Circular: they are movements in a circle that have to be combined in a clockwise direction and vice versa.

Horizontal: performed by moving the fingers from one thigh to the other. 

Vertical: they go from the anus to the clitoris and vice versa.

Milking: it is the same movement that is performed during male masturbation, but on the clitoris. It should be done in a smooth and rhythmic way. 

Pinching: pinching with two fingers gently grasps and pulls out. This movement is performed on the lower lips, clitoris, or vulva.

All these movements can be performed with the whole hand, two fingers, or just one. It is all a matter of testing which are the most pleasant sensations, both to learn from the messages sent by the body itself and from the moans of our partner.

How to turn on a woman?

Next we are going to give you some examples of female masturbation so that you can use it on yourself or so that you can excite your partner so much that she asks you to repeat it over and over again.

How to masturbate the clitoris

Place the finger on the clitoris and begin to massage it by making small circles around it. Put your fingers in a V and with your fingertips on the base, press gently and start a series of vertical movements. Once this is done, it is time to masturbate it as if it were a penis.

How to masturbate the vulva

Place your hand flat and begin to massage the vulva vertically, horizontally, and in circles. Put pressure on the genitals and continue to massage them while alternately patting them. Change the pressure and intensity, but always do it gently.

How to masturbate the vaginal lips

Take the upper lips and begin to gently caress them while you touch the clitoris and you will notice how it moistens little by little. Go running your fingers over them and gently pull them open.

Then stroke the inner lips, pinch and pull gently. Open and close them alternately.

The combination of all these erotic massages during female masturbation results in an orgasm as intense as it is unforgettable.

Do you dare to try them out yourself to tell us your feelings?

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