29 facts you don't know about your boy's penis

29 facts you don’t know about your boy’s penis

How much do you know about your boy’s “toy” or about your own? Do you dare to tell us at the end of the article how much of the penis you did not know?

There are penises of all shapes and sizes. However, there are many details that you ignore about that “toy” of your partner that you like so much and that you need to know in depth to improve your sexual life.

What do you have to know about the penis? We’ll tell you then! 

How many of the following facts about the penis do you not know? 

Are we talking about erections and sizes?

1. The average size of a flaccid penis is 8.2 centimeters and its girth, when stretched, is 9.1 centimeters.

2. The average size of an erect penis is 13.0 centimeters and its circumference is 11.5 centimeters.

3. Some penises are the same size when erect and flaccid. This is due to an excess of collagen and also a shortage of elastin. 

4. There are phalluses that seem very small when they are flaccid, but it is surprising to see them in erection. Thanks to the fact that they have more elastin and less collagen, they can multiply their size. This lack of collagen also contributes to them being further reduced in cold weather.

5. A penis that is less than 9 centimeters erect can already be considered small. Fortunately only 2% of men have this type of phallus and they can compensate for it with erotic toys that serve to enlarge it both in length and thickness. So don’t worry!

6. A normal man can get an erection simply by feeling your hand on his hand, by kissing you, or by thinking of you naked. Anything that comes from you can send stimuli to his brain and cause an erection.

7. The so-called “happiness hormones”: endorphin, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin produce in humans an extra sexual desire that also stimulates the phallus. 

8. Foreplay is one of the sexual practices that causes a greater erection. 

9. The largest penis in the world measures 48 centimeters and belongs to the Mexican Roberto Esquivel. And oddly enough, it is not something that he is happy about since it prevents him from working and walking normally. Due to its size it is about to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Something good had to have!

10. There is much of the phallus that is not seen. It is up to twice as large as you think. This forgotten half is found inside the body and is clearly seen on an MRI.

Are we talking about semen?

11. In a teaspoon of seminal fluid there are more than one hundred million sperm.

12. A tablespoon of semen contains up to 7 calories.

13. The seminal fluid has sugar. This acts as a source of energy for the sperm.

14. A study carried out in Spain associates male beauty with the best quality of semen. An experiment was carried out that consisted of showing photos of men with good, regular and bad semen to a group of women. In most cases they were the most handsome, that is, the most chosen, who had the best quality of semen.

Are we talking about risks?

15. A penis has no bones, but if you put enough pressure on it, it can fracture or break.

16. Surely you have seen penises curved quite sharply. This is totally normal as long as it doesn’t cause pain. If your boy has a curved penis and painful erections it could be due to a condition called “Peyronie’s disease.” If this is the case, encourage him to go to the doctor; it is a non-cancerous disease resulting from fibrous scar tissue that forms on the penis.

17. According to studies conducted at the University of Texas, smoking could affect the size of the penis, reducing it up to 1 centimeter in erection. It is because tobacco prevents blood from flowing freely, making circulation difficult. This can lead to vascular atrophy and sclerosis and results in a reduction in size.

18. Premature ejaculation is not normal and requires medical help.

19. Lack of sexual performance could be due to poor diet. Too much alcohol, dairy, and sweets can lead to erectile dysfunction.

20. To keep the penis in shape you have to use it regularly and we are not talking about urinating precisely. Regular erections are essential to have a healthy penis since oxygen, a product of blood flow, keeps it in good condition.

21. Two researchers from the Translational Genomics Research Institute identified up to 42 types of bacteria on the skin of the penis.

Are we talking about orgasms and sexual satisfaction?

22. Men also fake orgasms. They know that it is very difficult to check inside the vagina if they have ejaculated.

23. The average of the men reach the orgasm after 5 to 10 minutes of practicing the sexual act itself.

24. There are suitable sexual positions for small penises and for large penises. Finding the best one for your boy to have the orgasm of his life is a matter of experimenting.

25. The male orgasm only lasts about six seconds, while the female orgasm can last up to 24 seconds.

26. According to a study from the University of Chicago, circumcision helps increase sexual satisfaction. However, only 30% of men are circumcised since it is a practice that is usually related to culture, the area where they reside and religion.

27. Most men feel the greatest pleasure in the lower part of the head of the penis and in the lower part of the shaft.

28. The sensitivity of the penis decreases with age, although the study carried out in this regard makes it clear that men are not usually aware of this loss of sensitivity.

29. The dildos inserted through the anus give them great pleasure and more and more men are daring to experiment with all kinds of dildos to enjoy and reach an orgasm.

And now that you know much more about the penis, that precious possession of any man, which of all these data is the one that has surprised you the most?

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