Tantric sex: 5 tips to fully enjoy it

Tantric sex: 5 tips to fully enjoy it

Currently, Tantra not only uses meditation to achieve union with oneself and the Divine, but also uses other techniques such as tantric sex to achieve that long-awaited connection.

In fact, tantrism is the pure and simple connection with oneself and with our partner.
And this game of pleasure, mindfulness and mystical union is joined by meditation techniques designed to open the chakras, especially those related to the mind and heart.

Tantric sex invites us to perform more pleasant and relaxed practices that end up generating a space of total connection with the other. The direct consequence of this is that we will be able to live in the here and now, to focus our attention on achieving
of our desires and to achieve unimaginable pleasure by intensifying each one of our sensations and emotions.

It is true that, although with some frequency we intimately relate it to him, Tantra transcends the sexual plane to reach the spiritual plane. It is the perfect tool to turn the couple’s relationship into a deep and intimate encounter.

Today we are going to give you the five best tips to enjoy all the benefits of tantrism through one of its most powerful tools: sex.

Tantric sex: 5 tips to achieve fullness

As you can imagine, the technique of tantric sex is not mastered from one day to the next. It requires a simple training, but that comes from the hand of an expert on the subject.
In any case, if you don’t have one or an expert nearby, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will give you five essential tips that will allow you to really enjoy tantric sex.

1. Know for sure what tantric sex is

The first step to be able to enjoy anything in life is to know it thoroughly. If you form an erroneous concept of what tantric sex is, it will be impossible for you to extract all its benefits from it.

To do this we advise you to visit our site, in it you will find countless articles talking about Tantra and tantric sex, which will clarify all the doubts that may arise at any given time.

2. Free yourself from prejudice

The day we stop experiencing sex with guilt, morbidity or as a pornographic act, the day we stop seeing it as a competition with a firm goal to achieve, as a power struggle or a routine and forced act, we will come to discover a door that will lead us to a complete experience of ecstasy as we could never have imagined.

3. Practice it together with your partner

The benefits of tantric sex within the couple are incalculable and among them, one of the most important is that it keeps the flame alive. Complicity, freedom, intimacy, love and passion begin to be generated within a true meeting space.

From the sexual point of view, it offers a completely different vision than what we are used to in an encounter of this type.

Tantric sex proposes relaxed practices in which it is not even necessary to be excited to start enjoying the honeys of sex and the connection that arises from it.

4. Meeting without interruptions

It is essential that the romantic date takes place in a pleasant place and without interruptions of any kind. Why? Because the feeling of rushing must be completely eliminated from the relationship, at least for two hours. Slowness and relaxation will increase sensitivity and help create a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Delight yourselves with your approach at the same time that you remain aware of the here and now, as well as the sensations that are awakened in your bodies and that manifest in each pore of your skin.

Without rushing or expecting, excitement and orgasm will arise by themselves as the practice of tantric sex progresses.

5. Breathe slowly and deeply

Being an automatic process, breathing is one of the great forgotten in any activity that we carry out. In tantric sex it is essential to keep a slow breath and perceive it throughout the body to facilitate relaxation.

Fixing your attention on areas like your breasts and nipples will activate your thymus gland and allow you to connect and flow with your partner much more easily.

In short, tantric sex is about active presence, feeling the pleasure of being with the other and not setting goals. Relax, free yourself from prejudices and tensions and you will experience the incomparable fullness that this particular way of experiencing sexuality provides you.

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