5 mitos y mentiras sobre el sexo tántrico

5 myths and lies about tantric sex

How many times have you heard about tantric sex? We are convinced that countless voices have been raised and tried to explain its meaning to you in one way or another. And, of course, each one has tried to do it in good faith and according to her convictions.

But the question now is, how much is true and how much is myth in everything you have heard?

The reality is that much of what you have heard about tantric sex is very likely false. And the most worrying thing is that these falsehoods have thrown you back when it comes to experimenting with Tantra, its wonderful erotic massages and sex.

Because we have a long history and experience in everything that is related to the eroticism of Tantra and because today we have woken up rebellious, we believe that the time has come to shout the truth about tantric sex from the rooftops!

5 myths and lies about tantric sex

Next, we are going to reveal to you which are the most repeated myths and which are the most deeply rooted lies about this popular sexual practice. Don’t let anyone else confuse you!

Myth number 1: the end is determined by the orgasm

What if we tell you that, precisely, the objective of tantric sex is not ejaculation? I mean, if you ejaculate, fine, but it’s not really the ultimate goal, and it’s not even intended to be.

The purpose of a tantric meeting is to enjoy the path of sensations and emotions that flow between bodies and the Universe. It is the knowledge of oneself and the union with the Divine that makes tantric sex unique and irreplaceable. Dare to live this wonderful sexual connection that is established and that allows you to consciously experience everything that Tantra can provoke in your five senses.

Orgasm can be found at any time, even after tantric practice ends. So: enjoy without pressure!

Myth number 2: penetration is prohibited

Completely false. Penetration can become a wonderful tantric sex activity. However, it is true that it has to be the icing on the cake. This means that you have to totally put aside the rush and anxiety to penetrate or be penetrated.

The kisses and caresses must be prolonged until the desire to experience penetration is truly unstoppable.

Myth number 3: if you ejaculate, Tantra loses its meaning

Obviously, it is this myth that does not make any sense. Orgasm is a part of Tantra like any other. However, it is important not to make orgasm the main objective, but on the contrary, to enjoy as much as possible of one’s own body before indulging in the honey of ejaculation.

We advise you to hold the moment of orgasm at least three or four times before climaxing.

Myth number 4: the tantric orgasm is more intense than the traditional one

Not necessarily. It will depend on how long you manage to contain it during the sexual act. What we can assure you is that the quality of the orgasm will be much higher. Why? Because by not feeling the pressure of having to reach it no matter what, both the mind and the body relax to the point where nothing else exists in the world but you and your partner.

In addition, the spirit is strengthened and enriched. Undoubtedly, the spiritual sense with which a tantric sex practice begins will never be the same after it is finished.

Myth number 5: tantric sex should only be practiced with the couple

This is completely false. Tantric sex is not something that can be learned in two minutes. As you can imagine, it is a practice with a lot of nuances, and it takes years to learn how to do it correctly.

This is the reason why the ideal is to start with a tantric massage professional, someone who will gradually take you by the hand until you can achieve communion with yourself and the Divine.

And, based on the learning obtained, then you will be prepared to share it with your partner and live together unforgettable moments of intense and deep connection.

Do you know any other myth related to tantric sex? Share it with us!

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