Simultaneous orgasm in couple: is it normal?

Is it common for a couple to have a simultaneous orgasm? Why can’t you climax at the same time as your partner? Is it absolutely essential? Does it have to do with the happiness of the couple? What can help us achieve an orgasm in unison?

These and other questions are what we will answer throughout this article, stay until the end!

Orgasm at the same time, is it common?

There are many couples who start from the tacit assumption that if they do not reach the peak of pleasure at the same time, something is failing in the relationship.

The truth is that a large number of internal and external factors are involved in the simple fact of reaching the climax. Among them we can mention psychological and physical ones, such as health, stress or fatigue. But it is also related to the circumstances surrounding sex that day: comfort and arousal, previously eaten food, alcohol, ambient temperature, and a wide spectrum of situations that would be too long and tedious to mention.

Obviously, having a simultaneous ending is not asking for the impossible. However, it is something very unusual. At this point, it must be taken into account that there are other aspects that are much more important than an orgasm achieved at the same time so that a relationship works.

In fact, it is normal and healthy for each member of the couple to follow their individual and independent rhythm in their response to orgasm. And above all without having to be aware of the other’s response all the time.

Is it impossible to have a simultaneous orgasm?

When we talk about simultaneous orgasm, we are referring to the fact that the couple reaches the climax at the same time during their sexual relationship. And it is that there is a myth, especially created by the big screen, that happy couples reach ecstasy in a kind of epic explosion of emotions.

Don’t believe it at all. This is not usual and, as if that were not enough, it does a lot of damage to couples who believe that since they do not succeed, they are not as involved as they should or that the passion is beginning to run out. These high expectations are very negative for the stability of the couple, since the climax at the same time is something very difficult to obtain.

Now, do we have to lower our arms and resign ourselves to the fact that it is very difficult and that’s it?

Of course not! Although each sexual act is completely different from another and a lot depends on how our body responds that day, achieving simultaneous ecstasy is perfectly possible.

How to achieve a simultaneous orgasm?

We should all be very clear that sex is much more than reaching an orgasm at the same time. But if you and your partner would like to try that experience, there are several tools that can help you achieve this goal.

● Express your needs sincerely. Freedom in communication with our partner must be total. We must be able to tell him what turns us on and what our deepest fantasies are.

● Practice different postures to find the one that is perfect for both of you.
It is certainly impossible for both of you to orgasm at the same time if one of you is physically uncomfortable.

● During the sexual act stop from time to time. Taking time to adjust to the other person’s rhythm can be the key to climaxing in unison.

● Lower expectations. The less you expect from a relationship, the more pleasure you get from it. What’s more, if you remove the pressure of having to orgasm from your expectation, it may even catch you both sooner than you imagined. This is one of the most important rules of tantric sex.

● Exchange views during sexual intercourse. Always without breaking the charm, of course. But if we notice that the other is not as comfortable as we think he should be, do not hesitate to ask him what is wrong with him in order to improve it.

● Enjoy as much as possible. This should be the bible of sex. Not only is it essential for our partner to enjoy, but it is also essential to be able to feel fully at ease with oneself during the sexual encounter.

In any case, regardless of the possibility of having an orgasm at the same time, sexual relations provide great benefits in terms of connection and complicity. And this is what we should value most in our partner.

Do you think that simultaneous orgasm is essential? Give us your opinion!

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