Tantric massage or erotic massage, is it the same?

Surely you are wondering what is the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage because it is very common to talk about both as if they were the same. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Today we will tell you in a simple way what their main differences are. In this way, when you see both concepts being used as synonyms, you will have the ability to clearly differentiate them.

Tantric massage vs. erotic massage

It is usual that a priori someone can confuse an erotic massage with a tantric massage. Both are relaxing and are also performed in one way or another in the genital or sacred areas, known in tantric language as Yoni for women and Lingam for men.

If, in addition, to this we add that to sell more there are those who use the word Tantric in massages that are simply erotic, then we find ourselves with the perfect combination to create confusion.

The biggest drawback that those of us who dedicate ourselves to real tantric massages face is that due to this confusion, most people associate tantric massage with pure and hard sex, reducing the purest and most spiritual essence to a minimum. of a tantric massage.

What is an erotic massage?

The truth is that it is a very necessary massage in a society where, incredibly, taboos, sexual insecurities, repressive religious beliefs and fears of what people will say still reign. When sexual education is insufficient and is based only on the dangers of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases, the development of a fully satisfactory and natural sexuality is prevented.

The erotic massage then becomes essential, since it is free of prejudices, it is relaxing and it is sensually distributed in every corner of the body, obviously including the genital area. The purpose of the erotic massage is that the massaged reaches the climax.

Surely the phrase: happy ending will ring a bell, right? Well, it is precisely about manual stimulation through massage to reach orgasm.

What is a tantric massage?

The question that you are surely asking yourself now is: then why is an erotic massage not a tantric massage?

We are going to answer this common question in a simple way.

The tantric massage, although it also includes all the benefits of an erotic massage, has enormous differences with it because:

● It is a ritual full of symbology carried out in the middle of an eminently tantric setting.

● Arouse intense pleasure and use this sexual energy to expand consciousness.

● Each massage is unique, personal, magical and entirely conscious.

● Channel this energy to take it to the whole body and especially to the chakras, harmonizing them and purifying all the energy channels of the body at the same time.

● It connects directly with one’s own sexuality, freeing the individual from taboos and beliefs that repress her libido.

● It attracts love for one’s own body and self-acceptance.

● His goal is never pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

● Awakens the five senses and constitutes a key to connect with Divine energy.

● It takes into account the sexuality of each person and it is not essential to massage the Lingam or the Yoni to awaken the liberating sexual energy.

● It is not intended for orgasm, although if it comes it is welcome.

● It uses conscious breathing through the nose or mouth to expand the energy that moves inside each person.

● Look for a constant presence in the here and now, both for the person receiving the massage and for the person giving it.

● Promotes caresses empty of intention that seek to connect with the heart and unconditional love. In this way, the only intention that guides tantric massage is to prevent ego and prejudice from interfering during the session.

Nor should we forget about the technique, in order to give a tantric massage, many factors that influence the final result must be taken into account. However, it is not necessary to think that by knowing the technique you can already perform a tantric massage correctly.

In short, a tantric massage includes an erotic massage, but an erotic massage does not include a tantric massage. The beauty, depth and benefits of a tantric massage cannot be enclosed within a label, not even that of “tantric massage”, since it goes far beyond what a simple massage is.

And you, have you ever tried either of the two massages? What has been your experience?

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